Whats wrong with Indian Dentistry? Problem 1: Dentistry is marketed poorly

Indian dentists are feeling the pinch. Today’s patients are spoilt for choice and are more demanding, while dentists seem to be springing up everywhere and patients seem to be drying up. Moreover, costs are going up but charges are increasingly being discounted. What do Dentists do, whom do they blame? Through this article, I attempt to bust a few …

5 ways how iPad will change your practice

Finally, a computer which does not need any installation, setup, hardware or software configuration, virus protection, training to use. This magical computing device is called the Apple iPad. Is this device a necessity or a luxury? Can this device help improve your practice?

How safe is your data online?

This question can be further broken down to 3 basic questions – 1) How safe is the web today? 2) What are the right questions to ask your web application provider (gmail, facebook etc) ? 3) Is safe? 1) How safe is the web today? In the past 10 years, web based solutions & …