Finally, a computer which does not need any installation, setup, hardware or software configuration, virus protection, training to use. This magical computing device is called the Apple iPad. Is this device a necessity or a luxury? Can this device help improve your practice?

The reason why the iPad has had an amazing response (3 million sold in 80 days) is because its the only device which a five year old can pick up and start using, even sixty year olds can understand and operate an iPad without training. This is why iPad is magical – One doesn’t need to be ‘computer literate’ to use one.


I would recommend each and every doctor to get one for their practice. You will not regret it.

So here are the reasons – ‘Why one would invest in an iPad for their dental/medical practices?’


1. Multipurpose device
– Check your mails, surf the web, read online
– Use your practice management software ( is iPad compatible)
– Show Educational videos / youtube videos to patients


2. Ultraportable – Use it sitting next to the patient (Truly Chair Side)
– Easy to handle and move around
– Use it at the reception desk, doctor desk or at chair side


3. Gorgeous design and extremely well built
– Amazing 8 hours without charging
– Very low support cost
– Provides a good ROI


4. Very convenient for the Front desk & Support staff
– Absolutely no requirement to train someone to use the iPad


5. Show it off to the patients in the waiting area
– Patients of every age group love iPad
– Use it to take feedback from patients
– Show your work done photos and other healthcare information
Every practice must invest in an iPad as they are excellent differentiators for a practice and will be the next leap for businesses. The iPad can be booked today at a cost of $500 or 30000 INR.Check these places for more information – iPad Available in India for Rs 32K! and 3 Ways to Buy Apple iPad in India

Note : I am not an affiliate or investor in Apple. I recommend iPad because iPad is awesome.