As a part of our Freedom Week Offer, we’d promised to give away Practo Tabs to 6 lucky Practo Ray users. We’ve been announcing the winners last week, and now we have one last name to add to that list. Presenting the final winner of the Practo Independence offer –  Dr Muthu Kumar from Chennai.

The Practo Tab is designed with a patient-first approach to boost the efficiency of a clinic, while seamlessly handling the needs of patients. It helps doctors:

● Quickly register patients

● Immediately book follow-up appointments

● Promptly gain feedback

● Automatically sync online and offline data

● Seamlessly organise all aspects of the clinic, from appointment scheduling to inventory management

● Instantly access information

● Experience the power of going paperless

Because the Practo Tab take care of all this, doctors can give their patients their undivided attention. So we’d like to congratulate all the Freedom Week winners, who now have the power of Practo Ray along with the convenience of Practo Tab to help them run their practices.