As an aspiring doctor, you have a lot to try to remember while studying and working in clinics. One way to keep it all together is using medical apps on your smartphone. Here is a brief overview of the top five Android apps a medical student must download from the Google Play Store:

1. Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

Anatomy-learningMany of us are visual learners. That’s what makes Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas so great. This 3D learning platform enables doctors and anyone in the medical field to view the human body via slicing, labeling, animations, and transparencies. There are also hundreds of quizzes available to keep you on your toes. There are over 6000 anatomical structures available, and it’s a customizable system where you can add, delete, and combine structures. It’s available in a variety of languages, including English and Spanish. Best of all, this is a free platform.

2. Drugs Dictionary

Drugs-dictionaryWith thousands of drugs in the market, even the most well-versed doctor cannot easily keep track of them all. Hundreds more drugs and brands are introduced each year. To quickly find information regarding drug frequency, precautions, side effects, drug interactions, and what should happen if your patient misses a dose, you should have the Drugs Dictionary downloaded to your smartphone. You can even see a photograph or illustration of the pill in question, so there is no mistake at all!

3. PubMed – Unbound MEDLINE

Pubmed-UnboundPubMed is a free search engine that accesses a database of references and abstracts on medical topics. It is maintained by the US government, is the largest of its kind and indexes only those journals that pass its standards. As any postgraduate student knows, PubMed is indispensable for writing research papers. Since PubMed does not publish an official app, you can use Unbound’s app to search through the PubMed database. You can browse for citations via keywords, export them and even bookmark or share articles with colleagues. It also provides full-text access to the articles, where available.

4. Mediquations Med Calculator

MediquationsFor just Rs. 302 ($4.99), the Mediquations Med Calculator is there for the doctor who needs to interpret formulas and scoring tools. This calculator has over 232 formulas, helping you calculate the answers you need, quickly and accurately. Once you pull the formula in question, it also gives you more information and references. It has basic to complex equations, like:

  • Arterial Oxygen Delivery
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Carboplatin Dosing
  • Cardiac Output
  • and many more

5. Figure 1

Figure-1Figure 1 is not just an app, but a community of doctors, medical professionals and students to share & discuss clinical cases. It has been called ‘the Instagram for doctors’ since it makes image sharing easy, fast and interesting. Not just images, but you can also share x-rays, CT & MRI scans and collaborate with peers around the globe. This is a great app to discuss rare cases, ask for opinion and learn from knowledgeable peers. Figure 1 also complies with government privacy & ethical norms.

All these Android apps are available in the Google Play Store. Download them today and see how you can use technology for an engaging learning experience!