Front Desk Management 101 is an online course designed for front desk executives (receptionists). The course is an effort by Practo’s educational initiative, Academy of Digital Doctors (ADD).

The objective of the course is to empower receptionists with the necessary skills and knowledge to help doctors like you in managing your practices efficiently and delivering a great experience to your patients. As the first point of contact at your clinic, the receptionist can influence patients’ opinion about your practice to a great extent. This course will train receptionists in all aspects of patient and practice management as well as equip them with necessary technological skills.

The course is structured as three modules:

Roles, Responsibilities & Skills
Technology 101
Assisting Practice Management in the Digital Era

Roles, Responsibilities & Skills will deal with various aspects of personality development and interpersonal interactions. The front desk executive will be taught various soft skills that are necessary for this patient-facing role along with the different tasks they will be expected to carry out.

Technology 101 is an introduction to the basics of technology and a step towards taking the doctor’s practice to the digital platform. This module will outline the hardware and software that are essential for an FDE to be familiar with.

Finally, Assisting Practice Management in the Digital Era is a module that will introduce you to Ray, a software that deals exclusively with practice management. Ray will simplify the work of the receptionist by allowing for automation of tasks and ease of managing the practice, solely on the digital platform.

These three modules will be brought to you in the form of simple tutorial videos that the FDE can consume at their leisure and complete according to their convenience. At the end of the course you will be awarded with a certificate.

This course is designed specifically to improve the skills of the receptionist at the workplace so they can help doctors run their practices further.

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