Remember we promised to play Santa at Christmas? And it looks like the lucky doctors are happy with what Santa had in-store for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

This January, four doctors sport shiny new Samsung Tablets at their clinics. It actually was fantastic for us too because we got 40% more subscriptions. Which goes to show that:

  • Doctors are getting tech-savvy and want to bring technology to their practices.
  • A tablet is indeed a popular device of choice for practitioners. And why wouldn’t it be? A tablet has amazing benefits at a clinic!

For one, it is portable and hardly consumes any space. It can move from the reception to the examination room to the consultation area, even a surgery room if required – all without the need to be plugged in. Something you just cannot do with a desktop or a bulky laptop.

And secondly, it is a delight to use Practo Ray on a tablet. Patients can register themselves and take a photo for their patient profiles. Receptionists love it. And doctors of course use all the functions instinctively like shooting and uploading patient files, charting out treatment plans, tapping prescriptions etc.

Here are the lucky doctors with their Prizes

Dr. Roopali Nerlikar - Kelkar Nursing Home - Pune

Dr. Kishore Kumar Reddy - K.K Reddy Chest Clinic - Hyderabad

Dr. M. Kodeeswaran - Boston Brain & Spine Care - Chennai

Dr Vivekanand N. Bhat - Cosmetic Studio - Bangalore


Congratulations to Dr. Vivekanand, Dr. Kodeeshwaran, Dr. Kishore ย and Dr. Roopali. We hope that the Samsung Tablet works fantastically at your clinic and helps you use Ray better.

Note for Interested Doctors: We have exciting limited period offers every month for new clinic subscriptions. When you make an enquiry, your sales representative will tell you about it. Sign up for a free trial now.