The past few weeks we have been working really hard on making Practo Ray v6 available to users and everyone else who have been waiting for it. Practo Ray v6 demos are now available to all Ray users, marking the first step taken towards its release.

All existing users will be able to see the Practo Ray v6 Demo banner once they log in. After starting the v6 demo, all users will continue to have access to it by clicking on the “Take me to Ray v6 Demo” link. This demo, not only has all the new features that our users have requested for over the years, but comes ready with sample data to help users explore and experience a seamless journey from start to end.

So, all users- go ahead and start your demo today! As always, we will be all ears to your valuable feedback! Curious to know what Ray v6 is all about? Check out this video.

For the rest, we have some awesome announcements to make in the coming week. Stay tuned in for more excitement!