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We spoke about how only using willpower can’t work, and that the only reason why people smoke is to relieve withdrawal symptoms.  Lets look into that a little more.

Your brain wants a steady supply of nicotine to temporarily relieve the withdrawal symptoms. Which means you can’t stop smoking cigarettes, even if you want to – which is the definition of addiction. The only way to get out of addiction is to completely stop using the substance you are addicted to.

Also, using will power is not an easy way to quit. A cigarette is not something you have to give up. Imagine, what are you giving up ?

  • Your cough ?
  • Your lack of stamina?
  • Those dark circles under your eyes?
  • Your yellow teeth?

These are not things you ‘give up’. You should be happy that you can finally get rid of these nasty symptoms. Yes, definitely, it will take some time for you to experience changes. But when you do, I swear, it’ll be the best feeling in the world.

So remember this – You are not giving up smoking. There is nothing to give up. You are taking a positive direction in your life. You can brush off any withdrawal symptoms with this thought – You are finally free.

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