Almost every smoker has tried to quit at some point in their lives. There’s no definitive guide on quitting, so they keep trying various methods. We’ve seen ourselves, and our loved ones struggle with this addiction, but most of these methods are feeble attempts to quit. Here’s why they seldom work:

Cutting Down:

Some people think that it’s impossible to quit all at once. They think they need to gradually taper off and then come to a halt. When you cut down, you have to constantly fight cravings, which makes the withdrawal period unnecessarily drawn out. Its a lot like taking off a bandaid – the longer you prolong it, the more painful it’s going to be. Just get done with it and move on.

Using health scares:

Smokers have been bombarded with information about the ill-effects of smoking since the day they took their first puff. You would think after so much overwhelming evidence, that smokers would be smart enough to stop. But we don’t smoke because we think it’s healthy – we smoke because we are addicted, and we want to get rid of those withdrawal pangs. Hearing any stressful news, like how cigarettes are going to kill you, only makes us reach for our packs and light up another one.

Using only your willpower:

If you think that you can quit using only your steely resolve, well, you know how that’s worked out in the past – You can’t. Most smokers think “I’ll smoke as much as I want today, and from tomorrow I’ll definitely quit. I’m so damn sure about this”. But the same cravings that we experienced the previous day will still be present, and our resolve will crumble when we see our old triggers (With coffee, after meals, after a stressful event.)

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