Dr. Ravindra Savadi – Prof. & HOD Prosthodontics Department, Oxford Dental College | Editor, The Journal of Prosthodontic Society spoke to us at Practo about his learning’s from his 17 years of practicing and what younger doctors & dentists should keep in mind as they grow in their careers. Below are the key points to read on from the interview which can be viewed as well.

The link to the Video Interview is :A Discussion with Dr. Ravindra Savadi – Learning for younger Dentists

Dr. Savadi in his modest self spoke about what the focus for Dentists should be in the modern era:

  1. The Dentist is identified by his/her quality of work – Primary
  2. Money should not be focus – it will come – Secondary

Advising younger dentists he spoke about how to:

  1. Work with senior practitioners early on in the career – great learning helps
  2. Experience from mentors, senior dentists/doctors provides long term benefits
  3. Hand Skills is lacking in many – and the improvement in that will eventually tell in the race to be the best

According to Dr. Savadi, a Clinic should be divided into arms (units) and provide an experience to a patient, the arms (units) being:

a)Experience from entry till the appointment begins, b) The equipment available by the dentist – should always be new and well maintained, c)the quality of hand skill and work – provides the real finishing touch, d)maintaining a great relationship with the patient is very important

As parting thoughts on a touchy topic of “discounts” requested by patients, Dr. Savadi speaks about the urge to not fall into the vicious cycle of providing discounts which might lead to, you, as a dentist deteriorating the quality of work on a patient.

We hope to provide more such discussions within the eco-system to enable learning to be passed on. Please do share your thoughts or queries you might have.