FWO_Winner_Blog 4

Presenting the fourth winner of the Independence Offer – Dr. GN Rao from Hyderabad.

On the joyous occasion of the 68th Independence Day, we are gifting 6 lucky new Practo Ray users our latest product – Practo Tab.

The Practo Tab is designed with a patient-first approach to boost a clinic’s efficiency, while seamlessly handling the needs of patients. It helps doctors:

● Quickly register patients

● Immediately book follow-up appointments

● Promptly gain feedback

● Automatically sync online and offline data

● Seamlessly organise all aspects of the clinic, from appointment scheduling to inventory management

● Instantly access information

● Experience the power of going paperless

For doctors, spotty network connections that lead to limited or no access to patient records is a major issue, especially when they’re travelling. Bringing an end to all their network woes, the Practo Tab auto-syncs online and offline data, so that doctors can access patient records anywhere, anytime. Hence, this Independence Week, we delighted Dr. GN Rao by gifting him a Practo Tab and independence from connectivity issues.