1st Practo Tab Winner

On the occasion of the 68th Independence Day, we are giving 6 lucky new Practo Ray users an entry into a new era of practice management – the Practo Tab.

On that note, we present the first winner of the Independence Offer – Dr Sachin Thakur from Pune.

The Practo Tab is designed with a patient-first approach to boost the efficiency of a clinic, while seamlessly handling the needs of patients. It helps doctors:

● Quickly register patients

● Immediately book follow-up appointments

● Promptly gain feedback

● Automatically sync online and offline data

● Seamlessly organise all aspects of the clinic, from appointment scheduling to inventory management

● Instantly access information

● Experience the convenience of going paperless

Our research has shown that a major issue doctors face is a growing number of misplaced registration forms. So we’ve introduced an Online Registration form on the Practo Tab, which streamlines the registration process.  And this Independence Week, we were happy to delight Dr Sachin Thakur with a Practo Tab and independence from patient stress.