A medical spa is a place where you receive treatments like massage, facials, cosmetic skin care etc. A medical spa differs from a regular day care spa in being operated under the supervision of a health care professional, to provide basic treatment and wellness facilities in a set up which integrates the soothing and rejuvenation of a spa. As per International Spa Association, 25% of Canadians and 12% of American visiting day spas also visit a medical spa1. In case of Canadians, this number is increasing, and for the Americans the number is declining.

There are no hard and fast rules as regards the services offered by a medical spa. Medical spas and their range of services offered depend upon the owner. However, the common procedures available for patrons are laser hair removals2, skin, medical facials, chemical peeling of skin, microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, botox , tissue tightening , acne treatment etc. Less common procedures done requiring the guidance of medical professional include laser assisted lipoplasty, sclerotherapy , cosmetic surgery etc.

There are several types of medical spas offering unique services.

1. Mens medical spa

A men’s medical spa offers a variety of services for the wellness of men. This includes massages, facials, nutritional consultation etc. Skin treatment like laser hair removal, skin tightening is also done in most mens spas.

2. Medical spa for women

These spas are common in the gulf countries. These spas provide female centred services. The staff is entirely female, which ensures privacy and comfort.

3. Anti aging Medical spas

This spa focuses on several services like diet advice, exercise etc. These use hormonal therapy along with nutrition and fitness advice for age management. Several examinations like blood levels, hormonal levels, lipids are performed per year to ensure efficacy of treatment.

4. Hospital type medical spa

This spa caters to needs of hospital requirements to accommodate recovering patients, their visitors, relatives, hospital staff etc. Cosmetic services are the most popular services offered by such a spa.

5. Dental spa

The importance of a winning smile cannot be underestimated, thus arises the need for a dental spa. A good smile reflects upon health and good set of teeth are a sure requirement for good confidence. Hence, the commonest services offered are teeth whitening, full mouth renovation procedures3, etc.

6. Tourism medical spa

With the increasing trend for medical tourism, soon medical spas will be available in resorts, hotels etc. Healthcare institutions will provide medical spa like services to their foreign clientele.

7. Wellness medical spa

These offer a host of services under one roof like massage, herbal oil massage, skin care, facials, scrubs etc to reduce stress, increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, nourish the head and scalp. Services are aimed at improving the health of mind as well as body.

Benefits of medical spa:

1- By treating skin complaints, they not only ensure a beautiful skin, but also enhance self esteem and confidence. People who have a complex due to their skin problems regain their confidence and quality of life.

2- Medical Spas also help in reduction of anxiety, stress which in the long run gives good health, more mental peace and longevity.

3- Occasionally, they are used in tandem with prescribed medicines for treatment of arthritis, sports injury, stiffness of limbs etc. medical spas are gradually becoming popular owing to the attractive services they provide, in the environment of a resort with the precision and guidance of a doctor.

Contributed by Dr. Rachita Narsaria, MD

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