After reading our last blog post, you would have realized that there is nothing to quit, when you decide to free yourself from nicotine. It’s important you know that you are not giving up anything. Now, allow me to paint you a picture about what your nicotine free life is going to look like.

Have you ever panicked in the middle of the night that you’re running out of cigarettes? You don’t have to do that anymore. Scary chest pains? Forget about them. You also free yourself from the sheer slavery of needing a cigarette every time you are happy, sad, angry or frustrated. You’ll learn how to deal with your emotions authentically, without having to poison yourself every time you have a feeling. Your concentration will improve, because you are not constantly being interrupted by nicotine cravings. Same goes for your memory. Oh, and you’ll also remember what it is like to get a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling truly rested.

And of course, no more coughing, no more losing your breath after climbing stairs and all those physical niggles. You also don’t have to look at your yellow teeth in the mirror anymore. But since nicotine addiction is more psychological than physical, the mental improvements will be much more noticeable.

Obviously, there are many, many more benefits of being free from the nicotine demon, but I’ve only listed what I have felt. You can too, from the moment you stop. And after you stop, all you have to look forward to is a lifetime of freedom. Now isn’t that wonderful?