Practo Ray started out as Appointment Scheduling software, to solve doctors’ problems. Our drive to empower doctors with great tools that help their practice, remains as strong as ever.

In our perpetual quest to improve Ray, we’ve hit a new milestone –Practo Ray 7.

Practo Ray 7 is the fastest, simplest and most powerful way to manage your practice.

The list of improvements we’ve done over the previous version are literally too many to list here, so here are the most important changes:

1. It’s faster than ever

You can now perform  common actions at less than half of the time it took earlier. And we have data to support that –


It has been possible to make Practo Ray 7 – the fastest version ever because the team worked extremely hard in reducing the number of clicks needed for common actions. Therefore, making you truly efficient.


2. It’s simpler to use

Simplified Workflow
‘Calendar’ is now the one screen for receptionists, to manage appointments and do billing.
‘Patients’ is now the one screen for doctors, to manage everything from medical records, prescriptions to billing.

Patient Charting
The biggest update in Practo Ray 7 is Patient Charting, called as simply ‘Patients’. Patient Charting consists of Vital Signs, Clinical Notes, Files, Treatment plans, Completed Procedures, Lab Orders and Prescriptions – all seamlessly integrated into one medical timeline. The Patient Charting screen is the only thing the doctor needs to look at while he is with patients.

Here are some more reasons to love Patient Charting:
Templates (Coming on 15 Jul) – Typical doctor prescriptions are now just 3-clicks away. With the help of templates, charting is finally faster than paper.
Intelligent Suggestions – A search that gets better with usage. It learns from how you use and automatically starts pushing the right results, with fewer keystrokes.
Global Catalogue for EMR – We’ve added exhaustive customised medical dictionary of 70k+ medical terms for each speciality. So that doctors can start using it from Day 1.

Seamless Onboarding
We’ve added a Setup Wizard to enable doctors to get started right from Day 1. Setup Wizard helps to capture essential configurations required for making Ray useful for you.
We’ve also added detailed product tours for ‘Patients’ module, which helps you understand and start using the product, without any training. Watch out for more tours that we will be adding in the next couple of weeks.

3. Beautiful Interface

A brand new interface, that looks amazing, with all the features easier to access. Immense and thorough effort has gone into making Practo Ray 7, pixel perfect.

Can’t wait to try out Practo Ray V7?

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