“Online? I don’t have time for that!”- A common response given by most doctors when we talk to them about going online.

Most doctors to a great extent consider the web to be a place where people book a movie ticket or go online on Facebook and write about what they had for dinner. Actually there is lot of that to be true. But there does exist another side.

By moving online you can have all your clinic and patient information on the cloud. Now how does that benefit you? – You are no longer chained to that one computer in your office. Talk about amazing!!

You can access patient records from an iPad, android phone or a laptop at your office, home or even at a coffee shop. From now on, whether its a late night chart-updation or a quick check on those treatment plans for a serious patient -You can get them done anytime, anywhere in just a click!

What’s more? You don’t need to install any software or any specific servers. Just plain access to the web and you are only a few clicks away from your clinic headquarters.

Now for those of you sitting there thinking, “It definitely must require those annoyingly painful updates that take an eternity to download and then restart”- Guess what??  Our automated updates ensure that your practice is always running on the most up-to-date version of the system.

And if you thought that to be awesome, here’s more!!

With 100% HIPAA compliance you can rest assured that your patient records are safe and secure. While in-clinic data is available to anyone who breaks into the office, maintaining your data in the cloud  protects it from unauthorized retrieval round the clock with https and ssl security-word encryption.

So don’t just sit there pondering over it. Go ahead and sign-up for a free trial of Practo Ray TODAY!!