As technology progresses, digitization becomes an indispensable need. In a healthcare organization, medical software, a form of digitization, is used for a wide variety of purposes. Its uses range from patient record keeping, insurance and billing to appointment scheduling and even electronic prescriptions.

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Medical Management and Administration:

Medical software use for managing healthcare practice is growing rampantly. It is because of the astounding benefits that a software carries with it. The conventional way of management, which involved use of physical documents and files, has totally been discarded and transformed into a more secure and long lasting system by the help of medical practice management software. Medical software has an additive advantage of saving time from form filling and sparing it for doctors to spend it on patients. Medical software, by assuming more responsibilities and multitasking capabilities, reduces the need for a large number of staff and thereby, easing off the administrative burden for management.

Patient Records

By the help of medical software, patient record keeping has been made easier than ever. It is not only difficult for the patient record to be maintained for a longer period of time, in the form of physical files, but near to impossible in preserving it intact in its original form. Electronic medical record system has helped the healthcare system in overcoming the perplexities involved in maintaining patient record. EMR has made it possible, through its amazing properties, for doctors to access a decades old data only at their desk’s reach. Data can be accessed several times without any risk of wear and tear, which is a drawback of conventional form of data storage.

Billing and Insurance

It is now becoming a common practice for healthcare providers to adapt to the system of electronic health record for the billing and insurance purposes. It is not so infrequent for a healthcare organization to encounter the problem of getting their claims shunned and/or delayed due to errors or omissions in the hand filled patient management form. Electronically generated claims by the help of medical billing software are least unlikely to face denials

Decision Making in Patient Management

Coding system doesn’t only help in getting billing claims fulfilled promptly but it also reinforces physician’s management decision in improving patient outcome. Medical coding system with integrated up-to-date electronic Measure guidelines for practice management is being used at hospitals in different departments. Adaptability to clinical decision support system with medical coding software helps physicians in adhering to the international guidelines.

Patient Monitoring

Medical software are the integral component of any medical device. For instance, blood pressure can easily be measured electronically, without stethoscope, by a digital sphygmomanometer which is designed with a software to detect pulses. Cardiac monitors, in intensive care unit, are used for continuous monitoring of heart rhythm, rate and blood pressure. These devices have inbuilt software designed specifically for measuring various parameters.

Tablets and Mobiles

Innumerable medical software are available now which are being used by the physicians to access unfathomable medical knowledge database at their mobile phones or tablets. Medical software for mobile devices has made it easier for medical practitioners to keep themselves abreast with the fast leaping medical research.


Medical software are being used, by the ever growing technology, to ensure patient’s access to a physician’s office at the comfort of home and vice versa.