A Medical Spa is a combination of a medical clinic and a rejuvenating spa that operates under the supervision of a medical doctor. Medical spas specialize in treating the body and skin. They offer laser treatment, Intense pulse light treatment, laser hair removal, Botox, fillers, chemical peels, skin tightening treatment, appearance enhancing treatments for a smooth and rejuvenated skin. And all these detailed and sculpted procedures are done under the guidance of a medically qualified doctor.

Compared to a regular day spa, the atmosphere of a medical Spa is more clinical. Many offer relaxing services too, such as massage and body treatment. Also, few medical spas have a wellness focus and offer services like nutritional counselling, physiotherapy, acupuncture and naturopathic doctor consultation.

All over the world, thousands of medical spas are serving people every day and it was quite a task to pick the five best ones, but here they are, for you to read and plan your next vacation to.

  1. Eucrasia, Greece: The core therapy programme is the basis of all Eucrasia IMMOT programmes which consist of medical tests to detect the metabolic functions, individualized isoglycemic nutritional plan with emphasis on detoxification and relaxation treatments carried out in their Six Senses spa. Physical rehabilitation includes stimulation and reduces myofacia. Body workouts are personalized and teamed up with psychosomatic awareness-introspection and self expression, and re-education. Consultations are done on individual as well as group basis. The Eucrasia programme needs a minimum stay of 7 nights. They ensure a follow up of each client up to 3 months post detox.
  2. Grand Resort Bad Ragax, Switzerland: In this detox retreat you work towards strengthening your immune system and activating new power, energy and vitality by cleansing your body in a targeted manner. Recover your physical and mental well being as you restore your metabolic balance.  Medical history check up, liver ultrasound and analysis by specialist doctors are included. The dietician plans a diet especially for you, as per your body composition breakdown and personal health dossier. You will depart feeling healthier and lighter than ever before.
  3. Lanserhof Tegernser,Germany: Lans Med Basic Program starts with consultation with a medical doctor and the series of treatment and therapies are decided right at the start. As per your movement and mobility, treatment mode is shaped, ideal for sports injury, detoxification, and holistic naturopathy.
  4. Parkhotel IGLS, Austria: Heart and circulation programme- This is uniquely designed to counteract the risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases. The programme includes lab tests, personalized treatments, therapeutic exercises which are gentle, and have a long lasting effect in maintaining cardiac health. It is an ideal retreat for those suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and diabetes.
  5. Ayurveda Resort Sonnhouf, Austria: Ayurveda intense joint and spine treatment- The program is specifically designed to benefit the spine and give you a healthier and stronger back. It gives your body a well deserved treat. They teach you posture correction and help reposition your spine. It also includes full body massage, acupuncture, and special back treatment called as Upanaha sveda. They have qualified yoga teachers, and have heat therapy sessions, nutrition care and herbal and ayurvedic medicines.

A medical spa gives the indispensable respite from stressful lives and provides treatments that make us look good and feel even better.

Contributed by Dr. Rachita Narsaria, MD


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