Newspapers have been abuzz since morning with Hurricane Sandy disrupting life in East coast of US. Bangalore has also been experiencing chilly evenings with heavy downpours. And in a recent news article online, the Met Department has confirmed that the depression over the Bay of Bengal has intensified into a cyclone that will hit land on Wednesday. Coastal areas in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have been put on high alert!!

The result of such natural disasters –

  • An alarming number of people are injured
  • Major power disruptions
  • Floods in affected areas that create havoc in public life
  • Rise in death toll

…..normal life is disrupted!

So how can a doctor attend to a large emergency situation like this? How can IT in healthcare help in natural calamities like these?

The answer to this is an Electronic Medical Records Software Solution!

Imagine a doctor’s office being hit by the cyclone or his patient records go missing in floods…it would be a cause for concern! But not anymore! Digitized documentation not only allows him to store all his patient files and other medical docs at one place, but also helps him to provide uninterrupted treatment in situations like these!

Data security is another concern in calamities like these. Your computer could crash or your patient’s paper file might get washed away. Going digital solves this problem too! Your valuable data is backed up in multiple locations with bank-level security precautions to counter catastrophic data loss like fire, theft or natural disasters.

Apart from this, an Electronic Medical Records software solution allows you to increase your practice productivity, reduces costs on storage of files and paper, saves you valuable time and ultimately saves you money by allowing you to quickly retrieve documents at the click of your mouse!!! Can your stacks of paper allow you to do this? A Cloud-based EMR Software is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity!