Practo’s primary goal is to make it easier for doctors to manage their practices.

That’s what we’re always thinking about when we make improvements to Ray. We’re constantly looking for ways about making Practo Ray much more easy to use, and packing it with great features that add value to you.

So from June 30th, 2016, Practo Ray comes to you with a new, sleek-looking interface that’s much easier to use.

You’ll find the Navigation Bar on the left of any screen on Practo Ray. It slides out when you hover over it (placing your mouse cursor over it, without clicking), and slides back when you move your mouse cursor away from it. This is what it looks like in action:

nav gif

From here, you’ll be able to access all of Ray’s features, such as:

  • Calendar: All your appointments, and the queue manager.
  • Patients: Previously called Records, Patients now has your patient database, all their medical files and Billing
  • Communications: SMS and Emails for appointment reminders, prescriptions, billing and much more.
  • Reports: Reports for all your clinic’s functions.
  • Settings: Tweak Ray to suit your needs.

We’ve also made it a lot easier for you to access other Practo products* that help you build your practice, like:

  • Practo Profile – Enable millions of users to discover you online
  • Practo Feedback – Gather valuable feedback from your patients after their appointment.
  • Practo Reach – Stand out & maximize your practice’s visibility
  • Practo Consult* – Reach more patients & stand out amongst peers by consulting online
  • Practo HealthFeed* – Share your knowledge. Showcase your expertise. Engage your patients

What else has changed?

1. If you use Ray to manage multiple practices, you can now switch between practices from the top-right corner of Ray.
2. You can also create new practices, from the same place, and manage your subscriptions as well, from the drop down.
3. You can Add Walk-in patients from the top of the patient queue.
4. Clinic management features such as Inventory, Activities and Expenses have been grouped under Back Office, like so:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.24.30 PM

All other features of Practo Ray remain the same. We just made it easy to reach.

*Please Note: Certain Practo products are available only in India. Please check with your local Practo Sales Representative for more details.