Whether you’re setting up your clinic, or just need a new connection for your home, choosing among the multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP) available might seem like a daunting task. With so many offers, tariffs and agents vying for your attention, the right one for you might not be obvious. So we’ve compiled some tips on making a solid choice in choosing your ISP.

Gauge your needs

The first step would be to identify what you need an Internet connection for. If you only need it check email, read articles, or use your practice management software, a 2-Mbps plan with a 20 GB data cap will be more than enough. If you intend to watch videos and other data-heavy usage (Skype Calls etc.) you’ll need a faster plan with a bigger data cap. It also makes sense to put in a Wi-Fi router along with your connection, to access internet from your mobile devices, laptops or tablets. You might even want to offer Wi-Fi to your patients to keep them occupied while they wait, and you’ll need more data to accommodate that.

Compare Tariffs

Now that you’ve figured out your speed and data usage needs, you can compare tariffs between the different ISPs in your area. Just go to the respective websites, and check how much they charge for your requirements. If one ISP is more expensive that the other, it usually means that they have consistent service and good customer support. But your local service provider might also offer good service at a more economical rate, which brings us to the next point.

Ask Your Neighbours

Before you decide on an ISP, it makes sense to ask your neighbours (or other business owners) about how the data speeds are, the consistency of the service, and how the customer support is and how fast they resolve issues. This will give a realistic view of the quality of the service, and how reliable it is. Because of the proximity of location, you know you can expect a similar experience as people around you. If you can’t seem to find anyone you can always..

Read online Reviews

You’ll find reviews written about your local internet service provider, and the tone of the majority of the reviews will tell you how the quality of the service is. Just do a Google search for the ISP you are looking at, along with your neighbourhood’s name, and you’ll what people say about the service.