Dr. Yogesh Pandit is a dental surgeon practising for 14 years in Pune. He runs Dr. Pandit’s Clinic for Dental Excellence in the busy Pune suburb of Sus-Pashan Road along with another clinic in Baner.

A graduate of Aurangabad’s Government Dental College, Dr. Pandit sees about 6-8 patients a day. To manage his busy 3-chair dental practice, he practices with two associate doctors and 3 assistants. Dr. Pandit is also quite tech-savvy – he uses a desktop & smartphone and all his assistants manage his practice on-the-go by accessing Practo Ray on their smartphones.

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“Practo Ray is the first thing I open when I start my day, and close it only when its time to leave” - Dr. Yogesh Pandit

Managing patients with Practo Ray

Dr. Pandit uses the practice management software Practo Ray for managing appointments, maintaining patient profiles and for communicating with patients. His staff creates an electronic health record for every patient, by digitally storing the patient’s photograph, name, age, mobile number and email. This process is streamlined – his staff uses the Practo Ray Android app to snap photographs of patients and instantly upload them to the patient’s EHR.

“Practo Ray’s SMS module helps me retain patients” - Dr. Yogesh Pandit

Using the automated SMS modules in Practo Ray

When Dr. Pandit recently shifted his clinic to a new location, he instantly knew the best way to inform all his patients. Since he was maintaining electronic patient profiles in Practo Ray, he already had a list of all his patients along with their phone numbers. Dr. Pandit used the convenient Communication module in Practo Ray to send SMSes to his patients, notifying them of the change in address. He noticed that his patients too appreciated this effort; they still come to consult him at his new address.

“Patients perceive me as a tech-savvy doctor” - Dr. Yogesh Pandit

Online appointments through Practo.​com

Dr. Pandit has a online profile on Practo.​com, with the Instant Appointment feature. This helps his patients view his appointment slots in real time and book online appointments, which instantly appear on the same Practo Ray calendar monitored by his staff. Dr. Pandit also feels patients have found it easy to get in touch with him due to this feature, and he even refers them to his Practo profile to book appointments.

“Though Practo Ray may cost more than my earlier software, the benefits are significantly higher” - Dr. Yogesh Pandit

Alternatives tried

Dr. Pandit previously used a messaging software for sending patient reminders. Though it was cheaper, the software was an offline client-server software, one that requires frequent data backups. He was also not able to edit the messages sent to patients and moreover, the software was not easy to use. Dr. Pandit remembers that he had to keep calling the customer service team repeatedly, either to comprehend the features or sort out issues. He says Practo Ray has given him peace of mind and any additional cost is justified.

The Last Word

Would Dr. Pandit recommend Practo Ray to his colleagues?

“Absolutely. I’d like to share the convenience I’ve experienced with my colleagues and friends here in Pune.”