A picture speaks a thousand words.

Internet psychologist Graham Jones says, “ it seems from recent research that profile pictures are relatively unique in being more important than the words.”

This is exactly why we’re harping on the importance of updating your profile on Practo. It’s not just about your name and your address. Our research shows that doctors who have included photos and consultation fees in their Practo profile have got four times the appointments than when they just had a basic profile.

Tell your patients all that they would want to know about you. Something about you, about your clinic and about what makes you the best. Include photos of your clinic within seconds, add your rewards and recognition received, your experience, what associations you’re a part of and all those details that make your window the one with the best view.

Check out how easy it is to update your profile:

This is what your profile will look like on Practo:

Spend a few minutes on your profile today. We promise you that it’ll be worth it.